Rob McEwan

Rob's cheeky chappy smile and Irish accent make for great front-man stock. A wonderfully powerful voice, but with the subtly needed for our varied set. With guitar in hand, Rob will really charm you.

Vocals & Guitar

Fender, Godin, Martin & Taylor Guitars

Mark Nye

Mark's bubbling bass style closely matches his on stage charisma. Supremely confident, Mark doesn't always fulfill the bass player stereotype.

Bass Guitar & Vocals

Sandberg & Status Basses. EBS & Genz Benz Amps

Frank Moran

If you want a roaring guitar solo, then Frank is your man. With huge experience in gigging bands, Frank can turn his hand to most genres and will try his hand at any instrument you provide!

Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica & Vocals

Fender and Gibson Guitars. Ashbury Mandolin. Mesa Boogie and Line 6 Amps.

Mark Millward

Mark, better known as Milly, is a really fantastic drummer. Hugely experienced with hundreds of gigs under his belt, he is always willing to try something new and keep the band driving right along.


DW & Yamaha Drums. Zildjian Cymbals

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