Frank Moran

Guitar, Mandolin and Vocals


Frank is an original member of The Bridge and started the band back in the year 2000 (first gigging early 2001) and has always enjoyed the various incarnations of the band.


Always looking to maximise the potential of the other band members and introduce as many different sounds as possible, he loves the diversity of The Bridge and is looking forward to the newest line up which promises to be the most dynamic yet.

Having played in bands since he was 15, he is always keen to learn new skills and his professional career in the audio industry means that the sound quality of the band is always very important to him. 

He can be spotted using his treasured Mandolin on a couple of the songs in the set and has been known to play harmonica badly!.

Frank's Kit List 

Fender, Gibson, Takamine and Yamaha Guitars

MesaBoogie and Blackstar Amplification

Eventide, Strymen, CryBaby and Boss Pedals

Ashbury Mandolin