Bass and Vocals

Bass player Gaf is no stranger to the UK music scene, having spent over 25 years playing in bands and performing in some of the biggest venues around including London’s legendary Hammersmith Apollo.


His flying fingers have made appearances on various tv and radio shows and his many and varied credits include session work for Sony music, successful UK melodic rock act ‘Double Cross’, Gloucestershire popsters ‘Lounge Fly’ and MyDesign and the masters of metal ‘Balance of Silence’.


No matter the genre, Gaf’s first love is playing groovy, funk-filled bass lines to keep the room dancing!  He has already formed a great partnership with drummer John and this superb rhythm section will continue the legacy of The Bridge.


Gaf's Kit List 

  • Fender, Bassmaster and Chapman basses

  • Bergantino amplification

  • Zoom effects

  • Elixir strings